Month: October 2023

  • Automatically resize cloud VM filesystem when disk size increases on Linux

    One of the good things that cloud brings is that you can easily increase size of your VM disks as they fill up. Unfortunately the process is a bit manual because you also need to resize your filesystem in order to see the change. GCP has this process documented. We can automate this with a…

  • Eurobattle.net client update 1.4

    updated to Qt6 framework and MSVC 2022 removed support for 32-bit Windows OS, only 64bit Windows is supported added News tab added option to download a specific game version from inside the client fixed broken updater fixed a bug with lobby overlay UI which randomly stopped working various bugfixes

  • Using extra mouse buttons to quickly switch to a task in KDE

    I had a bright idea to use my extra 2 mouse buttons to quickly switch to a task in Debian KDE, for example to terminal or browser. Since the mouse is in the palm of your hand most of the time this is quite a bit faster than actually clicking on a task or hitting…