Rode NT-USB Linux support

Googling around, I could not find a single mention whether Rode NT-USB microphone supports Linux or not. After some semi-encouraging words from Rode support I decided to go ahead and buy it anyway. I am happy to announce that it works out of the box and so far I did not encounter any problems on Fedora 23. The microphone is properly detected in Pavucontrol and Open Broadcaster. I am a complete amateur but to me the sound is crisp clear with zero background noise. The comparison with my old Siberia V2 headphone microphone or my in-built laptop one is night and day. These two would produce a lot of noise as soon as increasing the volume over 100% (at 100% they would be way too silent) and it was a complete disaster. NT-USB can go much louder and has no background noise even sitting 40cm from my loud laptop fan.

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